About Us



My name is Pat Henrickson and I have been actively breeding, showing and trialling rottweilers for over 30 years. I am a life member of the Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc and am also a member of the Illawarra Dogsport Club. My passion in life is the Rottweiler , the preservation of the true type and character and try to  breed to the country of origins standards. I live in the seaside suburb of Swansea Heads NSW and work in conjunction with a colleague 3 hours away to try to breed and own a complete Rottweiler.




My name is Keith Hampton and I have actively been training , trialling and breeding dogs for nearly 25years. I am a life memeber of the Illawarra Dogsport Club and a member of the NDRC of NSW Inc. I am the head training director of the IDSA and also the main helper .My objective is to have a complete rottweiler, one that can exist in todays social climate and one that can step out on to the dogsport arena and be extremely competitive. I  live in the Illawarra area and work in conjunction with Pat to try to breed and own a complete rottweiler

Pat and Keith